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When working in an area of so much poverty, ITFM constantly struggles with setting priorities. Those priorities may change depending on what urgently “pops” up, or the money that is available to work with at the time. Every home has a truly sad story. Hearing about the students’ lives is often heartbreaking. Everything is important but we can only do what we can do, so prioritizing is a necessity. Our wish list contains projects that are important but are low on the priority scale.

shoes worn - CopySHOES 

Shoes are needed each year for all of the students at Integrity. Some of the kids need them desperately. Since most children only have 1 pair, they use them 365 days a year and they quickly wear out. Even if the shoes are still functioning after a year, the child's foot no longer fits in them. The children will wear them anyway, since it is all they have and their feet will get blisters  and bleed. Jiggers are also an issue for the kids who go barefoot. These insects burrow in between their toes causing a lot of pain and infection.

At $25 per child, this is a great investment.

If you are interested in helping with shoes, click here to contact Kimberly

swingsetPLAY AREAS

Play areas are necessary in order to get accreditation for Integrity Primary School. There must be areas of play for the different age groups. A soccer field is required for the boys, a Netball Court for the girls and a playground for the young children. Play and sports give a well rounded education as they have cognitive, social and physical developmental benefits. These play areas need to be installed by 2017.

For more info about play areas, click here to contact Kimberly

equator signFIELD TRIPS

 Field trips would be a dream come true. We would need to hire a bus with a driver, buy fuel and feed the kids as well. Field trips are so important as most of our children have never used a flush toilet or even flipped a light switch before. The Nile river and the equator are just a couple of hours away. Kampala is only an hour away yet most of our children have never been there.

To sponsor an event, please click here to contact Kimberly



  Books are not used in most classrooms in Uganda. The lessons are all written on the chalk board and then the students painstakingly copy them into their notebooks. This takes up so much class time! Buying text books for the older grades would immediately affect their performance as more time would be spent learning instead of copying the lessons.

To purchase text books, please click here to contact Kimberly

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There are too many wishes to list all of them!!

100% of your donation goes to Uganda. US workers are volunteers and US expenses are covered by the founders. All donations are tax deductible. ITFM is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, tax ID 20-0505188

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